MyDays X Pro App recensioner

I love it:)

Best tracking app so far!!!

Great app

I would give it 5 stars if it used Touch ID

MyDays Backup feature

I paid for this app and have been for a very long time. All of sudden I can’t save anything via the MyDays backup feature. Every time I try via the MyDays backup I get a blank white screen. No confirmation. Absolutely nothing. I try closing the app and reopening to try it again and nothing. Very frustrating. This app was great keeping track until this problem came up. Someone please fix this problem.

They sell your info now. Time for a new app.

I PAID for this app and have been using it a long time. All of a sudden, I get a pop up telling me they sell info to advertisers and collect your id and location. Then why did I PAY for this app?!??! If I don’t accept, I can’t use it. I’m done. Unfortunate.

I paid for more ads.

I finally paid for the app only to see more ads. I recommend using the free version since it will be the same.

Can not log periods

With this new update I no longer have the ability to track my periods.

Back up when switching phones

I had the free version and it was fine besides the advertisements would pop up every time I opened the app. But now that I’ve gotten this one it’s so much nicer and using the back up when switching phones is a little complicated but I emailed for help and they were able to get my old code and I was able to get everything back! I didn’t have the window pop up for scams but I wouldn’t recommend putting any personal information in any app.

Paid Version - Worse Than Ads

I paid for this app to avoid ads. I also use the Backup via MyDays Backup feature when switching phones. The developer added a pop up when you launch the app that auto-populates the email address, and asks if you want to subscribe to spam emails from them. There is a huge OK button and there is a super tiny cancel button so close to the huge OK button that you accidentally hit OK when carefully trying to cancel. I think this developer is a piece of trash for doing something like that, and I regret ever giving them any money at all.

User for years that finally upgraded with no ads

I've been using this app since 2012. Never had any issues. My period date has been off by two or three days no big issue, the body changes when it wants. I love it I just had to get rid off the ads. Great app to use when checking in with the doctor or if you feel crabby. Check the app!!!

Shark week

App is pretty spot on. Can be off a few days- but that may be me and what's happening in my life. Got tired of the ads so I decided to give Christian a bonus. Nice when I go to my OBGYN - and they ask that question we all never can remember..."when was your last period?" I can now answer that question and say- "I have an app for that!" 5 stars in my book!

Great App

Been using for a few years now. Totally worth paying for the upgrade. Tracks everything


Finally got tired of all the ads. Purchased. But I've been using the app itself for years (with the pop up ads). I've never had a problem. Easy to track, easy to use and the love the new feature updates. Pretty much spot on predictions wise,(never been myself) which is nice when planning ahead for vacations. 5 stars!

Accurate and easy to use

New version adds enough for me to say I can't think of anything missing. I have used it regularly since the beginning of 2012 and have no complaints!

Love the paid version

The lack of ads just gives me piece of mind. No more clutter. The app works so well I have no complaints

Free app is better!!

Don't waste your time with this paid version, when the free one is so much better!!!

Helped me get pregnant

I started using this app just to track my cycles for overall health. It works great. I also take my temps every morning with Daysy and this prediction stays pretty close to that one. MyDays allows for lots of other notes and provides wonderful summary views. Years later, when we were ready to get pregnant I relied on MyDays for boy/girl predictions. It never hurts to increase the chances and it's kinda fun. Thanks for continuing to maintain the app. I love it!

Access to speaker?

Added on May 14, 2016: I know this app hasn't been updated for a year now (all I remember is that the last update was in 2015) but I think the TouchID should be enabled for in-app password. Also, it's great that I can turn off items in settings like "temperature" for example, but even when I do, temperature is the first thing that pops up when I go in to the graph. I use this app to track my weight, and saw in many reviews that many others do, so I just wish when I turn off temperature, I can make it go away in the graph as well. But other than that, great app - simple, intuitive and as accurate as an app can be. Previous review: Okay I was using the free version for several years, and I finally got sick of the ads that made the free version literally unusable- so I bought this paid version. For some reason when I have music on speaker and open this app, the music stops. Maybe this app accesses the speaker for no reason? Annoying! Other than that, it's simple it's accurate - what else do you need in a period tracker?

Good and Reliable App

I upgraded from the standard version because I liked it so much. It's definitely worth a download. It always gives me a good range for my semi-irregular periods if not on point. It's great. I use it every month.

Can't go without

MyDays is a wonderful app! It's one of the most used ones on my phone. I absolutely love all the features and it helps me keep track of my cycle and stay on top of taking my pill. Can't go without this app.

Must have!

I used the free version 3 years ago to stay baby-free after kore unplanned babies bc contraceptives weren't cutting it leaving me with unplanned pregnancies. Finally, I lasted a while without babies following this calendar and my last baby was planned via this app (free version) just a year ago and was the gender I wanted and in the month I wanted to deliver too. Free version info was available always just the upgrade is a different and deprecate app which most people seem not to figure out. All can be transferred via the backup. I only wish the interface was more modern to get this app the sharing and downloads it deserves! I always recommend it to my friends planning on a family.

Very nice almost 5-stars

Works great to monitor everything and keep track of it. However, it would get 5-stars from me if it would link to the iPhone 6 or newer Health data option, (IOS9).


Smh! Granted I love this app, as I've been using the free version for over 5 yrs- but, I don't appreciate the ads. They've become absolutely unbearable. I simply guess it was you guys way of telling me it was time to upgrade.

Restore doesn't work

Accidentally deleted the app off my iPhone. Did the restore...nothing. I just lost 5 years worth of data. Not happy with the lies this saves 👎

Glad I purchased The Pro Version

This app has always been my favorite , Thumbs Up ☝️👍👍👍👍

Not an "upgrade"

**update... Nevemind on all of that... Follow the backup directions and you're golden! So the app it's self is great, but the fact that it does not carry over you info from the free version when you "upgrade" is really shi**y. Had the free version for over a year and figured "why not upgrade to get rid of the adds" so incredibly disappointing. But since I paid for it And can't get my money back, I guess I'm starting over. Awesome.

Twisted my arm

I would give this app five stars if I didn't feel like I was forced to buy it to get away from an unacceptable number of ads on the free version. When I started using the free version three years ago, the ads were bearable, but now it's gone WAY overboard. Still happy with the app's concept though.

Great App ❤️

This is by far the best app I have used to track my periods. It has all the options I want and is easy and accurate. I love the predictions! And the ability to see how many days I have had in each cycle. Please can you fix the syncing between two devices!! 😀

Must buy!

I was using an app call baby maybe, after a couple of months, nothing. Within one month of using this app, we're expecting our first! This app is very accurate in predicting ovulation. I recommend upgrading to pro.

Thank you Space is Joy

I had been waiting for the paid version to get rid of all the ads! Thank goodness for the instructions on how to save data from free version from "Space is Joy" and transfer the info to the new version. That should have been the job of the developers but thank goodness someone out there knows what they are doing!

Data from Free to Pro Version

You can’t loose ur Data while purchasing the Pro Version, because the Pro Version installs as separate app. Your Free Version is not overwritten and is still on your Device. Therefore, simply go in your Free Version / settings/ backup via MyDays Server. Enter an eMail/Backupid and UPLOAD. In your Pro Version use same email/Backupid and click “RESTORE” to get ur data recovered,

New "Pro" version

Wish I had seen the previous review before i "upgraded" . Lost all of my previous info (a year worth). I like not getting kicked off all the time with game ads, but knowing I would loose everything, I'd put up with it. If you are going to upgrade with this, I'd rec writing down some of the important info you saved before to transfer it again to this ap. Now it is like starting all over from scratch. A real bummer.

Missed big!

The information from the free app does not transfer over to the new app, so if you have a lot of notes and temps, etc, be pre-pared to enter them again. This "pro" version doesn't seem to offer anything new that is relevant...all I have noticed is that there are no ads. Honestly I am still using the free version just fine.


I needed to keep track of both my daughters periods in one place!! They weren't telling me when they needed more products!!! I needed to know when to have them avoid one another!!! This app works!!! I get notifications for both!!! They are backed up to my email!!! There are a few flaws like same individual background, backup information is the same on both users, and can't convert the optional information (bc the rest of the world uses the metric system)!! Other than wonderful app!!!

I love it:)

Best tracking app so far!!!

Best Cycle Tracker!!! 😍

I have downloaded numerous menstrual cycle apps. I have tried them out and deleted them when they aren't up to par. This one is the best by far (and of course the only app I kept). You can alter and track almost anything you want. It is very user friendly. I love it so much I paid a couple bucks for the ad free version and it was totally worth it! Also, I noticed another review about the Backup Dropbox not working. I haven't tried it, but I have done the Backup via My Days and it works easily. You just type in your email address, click Upload. Then you open your new My Days app. Go to the MyDays backup, type in your email address and Individual Backup ID (which can be copied from your email), then click Restore. That's it! All your old data will reappear!!! 😄

Best of its kind

I've tried just about every other app like this, it's the best one out there. 4 stars because data backup to Dropbox doesn't work.


I highly recommend!!

Great app

I love this app and it's worth the little fee for it. No ads, super clean look, easy to use and so helpful! I've been using this app of years and I am still in love with it!

Love this app!!

Very accurate and helpful


This is the best app out of the many that I have tried. It's very accurate and also very helpful. I LOVE IT! 😃❤


Best app ever so worth the money and space. I live by this app and schedule things around my period. Don't know what i would do without it. I even used it to help my friend get pregnant and it worked she's due any day now.... Love it

Purchased the Pro

Just purchased the pro the free app too, but supporting the dev. THANKS Dev!

My Days Pro

Thank you for making an ad free version of this app. I really, really wanted to use it because I like it the best out of all the period tracking apps available, but the presence of ads was why I chose not to use it (I really hate ads; every app on my iPhone is a paid version because I hate ads so much, lol). While I do feel that $4.99 is a tad expensive for this app ($1.99 would be the perfect price for this) I'm not the type to downrate an app because of its price. This app is worthy of a 5 star rating. You can totally tell a lot of work went into this app to make women feel this is the app for them. This is a must have for every woman and I definitely recommend this over all other period tracking apps.

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